Laser cutting training course

The latest generation of machines for sheet metal processing are technologically advanced instruments, equipped with sophisticated software. For this reason, to best exploit their productive potential, it is extremely important to learn how the operation system works.

Laser Service, one of the leading companies dealing with laser cutting machines and press brakes, offers to its customers a specific training course for machine operators.

The operator can learn from our experienced and qualified technicians the correct use of the machine and software in order to become skilled in the use of our machines.

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Specific training from the very beginning

Since we are specialized in the trade of sophisticated machine tools, it’s the specialized staff who takes charge of their purchase. Our company offers to its customers basic training courses since the purchase phase.

We grant to our customers a detailed explanation of machine operation and functioning to introduce all its peculiarities.

The real training is carried out later on site, during the installation and start up phases. Thanks to this intensive course, the operators get acquainted with the machine and learn all its programs that will serve to improve and increase the overall productivity.


The importance of training

Given that laser cutting machines and press brakes are quite difficult to use, the training for operators is extremely important to best exploit the machine potential by showing all its features.

Because of this, Laser Service provides training courses at any level (basic, advanced, expert) to teach operators how to exploit the machine at its full.

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