Machine overhaul

In terms of productive efficiency, it’s not just a matter of machine efficiency, but also of safety. For this reason it is paramount that all types of machine tool undergo a periodic check.

Laser Service, one of the most important companies dealing with the supply of reconditioned machines for sheet metal working, performs this service.

You can turn to us for evaluating the correct operation of CO2 laser machines, and related sources, and press brakes.

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What is an overhaul

By the term “overhaul”, we mean the sum of all tasks performed to analyse and assess the machine condition, with consequent replacement of worn parts. During this process, the machine must be completely disassembled.

Laser Service replaces all the components subject to wear with original spare parts and then reassembles the machine. Our technicians will carry out a pre-test on site to check the correct machine operation.

In particular, for laser cutting machines, in addition to the overhauling of the source (the core of the machine), it is possible to carry out checks on mechanical components like the pallet changer or the rack.

These tests consent to keep production performance steady over time.


Safety and high performance

The overhaul has a dual task: on one hand to certify the safety of the machine, on the other to check the correct operations, spotting anomalies and restoring the functionality.

To grant a thorough control professionally performed, it is important to rely on expert companies, like Laser Service, specialized in refurbished machines for sheet metal working.

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