Looking for a second-hand laser cutting machine?

Looking for an affordable machine for sheet metal working or an affordable laser cutting machine?

The best solution is to go for second-hand equipment and to get quality and long-lasting products, it is better to look for reliable and experienced companies, like Laser Service, one of the most important companies in the business of second-hand laser cutting machines.

We offer our customers a wide range of CO2 or fiber laser cutting machines, also of small size. Our professional and highly competent customer service grants a very competitive quality/price ratio.

Contact us! Our highly qualified staff will advice and guide you in the choice of the cheapest and most efficient solution.

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Why buy a regenerated laser cutting machine

A laser cutting machine is a precision tool for sheet metal processing which shortens production time and facilitates production process.

To enjoy these benefits, the machine must be in excellent conditions. However, this does not mean the machine to be brand new!

Second-hand laser machines that have undergone a deep regeneration process show perfect conditions, reliability and high performance.

To obtain a good product it is better to get in touch with a company specialized in the complete overhauling of machines. The machines (and the laser source as well) must undergo an internal test to check the correct operation of the machine, before installation.

Therefore, you will save money and maximise at the same time your investment by buying a performing and long-lasting regenerated laser cutting machine.


A pool of engineers at your service

The purchase of an overhauled laser cutting machine is a very smart solution: it offers an excellent quality/price ratio and high production capacity.

At Laser Service, one of the most important companies dealing with laser cutting equipment, you are sure to buy a reliable product.

Before re-entering the market, our machines and laser sources are subjected to a complete regeneration and to a testing process to check the proper functionality, so that we can offer our customers the certainty of an high quality product with one-year warranty.

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