Customer Service for laser cutting and press brake machines

All machines for metal sheet processing, such as, press brakes and CO2 or fiber laser cutting machines are very sophisticated and require specific technical assistance.

Laser Service, one of the most important reality in metal sheet working machines sale, offers a professional and continuous assistance on any type of CO2 and fiber laser machine with Fanuc or Trumpf source.

By us you will get in touch with professional technical staff, able to restore the perfect operation of the machine through accurate interventions.

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Thanks to the training and expertise of our technical staff, we can offer to our customers an helpline assistance which, in most cases, proves to be decisive: through a simple description of the problem and an interview with targeted questions, our technicians can spot the anomaly and suggest an immediate method of intervention.

In this way, you will immediately resume the operation; if the problem is not solved, our technicians, equipped with the right spare parts, will service the machine on site in 24 hours.


Spare parts service

Laser Service, one of the leader company of metal sheet working machines, gives the opportunity to its customers to buy each single spare part for consumables without the intervention of our technical staff and therefore allowing remarkable savings on the service assistance.

If you require a complete assistance service instead, our team of technician will be always available.

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