TruLaser 3030: the laser according to Trumpf

Laser Service is specialized in selling and overhauling sheet metal machines of the best brands on the market, like Trumpf, Amada e LVD. Trumpf, one of the most important manufacturers of laser cutting machines, offers different typologies of machines. In particular, the most demanded are Trumatic and Trulaser series.

Trulaser series is composed by models 3030, 4030, 6030, 3040, 3050, 4050, 5040, 6050, 5060 and 3060. Trulaser 3030 is the most requested and versatile model: it has a very good quality/price ratio and it ensures an elevated productivity, thanks to the laser power and innovative technologies, but also optimized controllers, innovative design and lower energy consumption.

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Product description

Trulaser 3030 is an extremely reliable machine tool. It belongs to the latest generation equipment which ensure higher performances thanks to the laser power and the innovative technologies, without renouncing to modern design and optimized controllers.

This model has a convenient quality/price ratio, a new controller technology and a cutting head suitable for any level of thickness. Due to its flexibility, it is possible to cut up to 25 cm thick metal sheets and also pipes and profiles by using the RotoLas option.

Easy to use and highly productive, Trulaser 3030 guarantees an excellent quality of the edge, reducing the need to undertake further processing.

Thanks to new nozzles, the automatic aligning of the laser beam and the one piece cutting head it is possible to minimize production downtimes.

Trulaser 3030 benefits

TruLaser 3030 is an high-quality machine, which have considerable advantages:

very good quality/price ratio thanks to the high production yield

– Minimization of downtimes and inactive times

– Innovative procedures, allowing a safer and quicker processing

– Ultra-fast metal sheet changer thanks to the integrated pallet changer

– Linear transmission allowing cutting speed increase

– Longitudinal conveyor for scrap removal

–  simplified post-production

– Possible modular automation integration

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